Blogging for Chocolate – Part 1 – MLS

by AnnetteY

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I had the pleasure of listening the Chele interview Carrie Lauth from Natural Moms Talk radio on her show at Moms Love Shopping last week. They talked about thrift store shopping and some strategies to make the most of your trips to the thrift store.

I have to admit, I was a thrift store snob most of my growing up years. In our town that was just not something you would do and from what I can remember the few stores that we did have back then were just full of junk anyway.

Times have changed however and I discovered the joys of thrift store shopping a few years ago when some friends walked up in these adorable clothes and I asked where they got them -the thrift store! HUH? So I packed up my girls and off we went into unchartered territory. We left there with a boatload of great stuff and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’m a tall woman and not exactly what you’d call skinny. Plus, I wear pretty much skirts and dresses – long ones – all the time. They are not easy to find these days in your regular old stores.

But wow – it’s amazing what you can find at a thrift store in my size. Sometimes I’ll need to make some adjustments but for 50 cents … I can do that!

Anyway, I was thrilled to hear Carrie talk about her tips on how to make the most of the trip and specific things to look for. It was a great show!